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Movie Theaters in South India | Stefanie Zoche


Quentin Tarantino (pictured above) shows off his breakdancing skills to the paparazzi. "I’ve always loved Break Dancing." Tarantino says, "Before I got into films, I was a breakdancing stripper, so that’s always been my first love. And I decided to show everyone, I was in the mood ya know."


The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)


On the set of Pulp Fiction, 1994


Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter by David Slade

I hate advice unless I’m giving it.
 And I hate giving advice, because people won’t take it.

In addition to the new original songs I am also using a lot of older recordings on the soundtrack - many of which came from my personal vinyl collection. Instead of having the record companies give me new digitally cleaned up versions of these recordings from the 60’s and 70’s, I wanted to use the vinyl I’ve been listening to for years - complete with all the pops and cracks. I even kept the sound of the needle being put down on the record. Basically because I wanted people’s experience to be the same as mine when they hear this soundtrack for the first time. - Quentin Tarantino

My daughter had a friend named Max. She told me Fight Club is his favorite movie. I told her never to talk to Max again.

— David Fincher (via nickdunnne)